Day to Day

I am a product manager in a technology leader of the energy industry, whatever that means.

If Numbers Could Talk

3.4/4.0 GPA, BS Mechanical Engineering

GMAT: 710. . . 710. . . 730 (49Q, 41V, 5IR, 6AWA) – finally!

Four years work experience upon matriculation in (hopefully) fall, 2016

What else?

While in school I assisted residents as a resident assistant, oriented fresh(wo)men as a fresh(wo)men orienter, and spent an eighth of my time in China where I trotted the globe, globetrotting my way from the lowest point of the highest point on earth at the Mt. Everest base camp, to the beaches of Taiwan where I received the sunburn of my life, stopping along the route to take in the fabled Sex Museum of Tongli, rounding out my experience riding a cart down the Great Wall.

Now, as a responsible adult I volunteer as a one-to-one coach for a community college student through a nonprofit scholarship organization. When I’m not doing that, I am telling anyone who will listen about the next fundraiser or event the organization is hosting. Some of those people even listen to me!

Outside of that, I run, cycle, lift, read, watch tv, go to church, talk about politics, and think about religion. . . basic people stuff. My favorite race is the half marathon, but I have completed a few full marathons, and recently started cycling again. At one point I was even told that I have a black belt in karate.

From There to Where

Born and raised in the Midwest, USA, I want to study in a collaborative environment. I believe in succeeding with those around me, and never at their expense. I want to be stretched personally in the ways in which I think, relate to others, and approach problems. The energy industry is calling my name, specifically as it relates to sustainability and ethical operation. I believe that it is the responsibility of every person to better his or her sphere of influence. I want to expand my influence, and thereby do the most good that I can.


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